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Compliance Hotline

Report concerns related to potential fraud & abuse

Consistent with the OIG’s Compliance Guidance, HCN’s Compliance Hotline is a confidential reporting mechanism that enables employees, volunteers, and others to voice concerns related to potential fraud and abuse.

The Compliance Hotline:

  • Is available to HCN members only at the Better and Best levels of membership

  • Consists of a toll-free number, email address and mailing address that HCN members can use as their own internal reporting hotline

  • Provides anonymity and confidentiality, if requested

  • Includes materials necessary to promote the availability of the hotline service to the HCN member’s staff and volunteers

In the event of a call or other communication to the Compliance Hotline, HCN provides a report to the hospice for follow-up. Quarterly reports are also provided.

Interested in a subscription to the Compliance Hotline only? Subscribe for $395 per year.

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