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Joy Barry, RN, M.Ed., LNC, is the President and CEO at Weatherbee Resources, Inc. You can reach Joy at jbarry@weatherbeeresources.com or 508.778.0008
11 12, 2015

What do your IDG meetings reveal about quality of care?

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Recently, one of Weatherbee’s senior consultants observed a hospice’s interdisciplinary group (IDG) meeting as part of an on-site mock survey of the organization. The 4-hour meeting included a review of all deaths and admissions that occurred during the prior 2 weeks, as well as a review of all existing patients on the hospice’s census. A total of 30 patients were discussed. The medical director, 4 registered nurses (RNs), 2 social workers, a chaplain, and the volunteer coordinator were present during the meeting.

14 10, 2014

Keep Calm and Prepare for IMPACT – Part 2

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Proactively preparing for medical review positions your hospice for the best possible outcome in the event you receive IMPACT-related scrutiny, Additional Development Requests (ADRs) or become the target of any audits or investigations related to patient eligibility. 

25 09, 2014

Keep Calm…and Prepare for IMPACT – Part 1

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The passage of the 2014 IMPACT Act will bring more survey's to hospices. In this first of two blog posts, Joy Barry details what hospices need to do now to prepare for more frequent surveys of a hospice’s compliance with the Medicare Conditions of Participation (CoPs).

28 02, 2014

A Timely Reminder About Part D

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As of March 1, 2014, Medicare Part D providers will no longer pay for medications that are (or may be reasonably assumed to be) related to a patient’s primary hospice diagnosis and the comorbid conditions that are contributing to his or her terminal status. Rather, hospice providers will be responsible for covering all of the medications that are needed to manage and/or palliate end-of-life symptoms appropriately and effectively.

29 08, 2013

Requirements for Hospices Contracting with Long Term Care Facilities

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 Question:  What was August 26, 2013?

Answer:  The deadline for compliance with new CMS regulations pertaining to the provision of hospice care in contracted Long Term Care (LTC) facilities.